Onkyo has introduced its new line of receivers, home cinema packages and iPod-compatible accessories for 2009, promising improved performance, new features and value for money.

Leading the wave of new introductions are four new budget to midrange home cinema receivers.

Compared with previous offerings, the new line-up boasts more HDMI inputs, an improved build quality, new designs, support for an entirely new surround sound format, improved sound quality and a new accessory port.

Two of the new receivers, the TX-SR607 and TX-SR577, are the first 7.2-channel home cinema receivers to launch featuring the new Dolby Pro-Logic IIz mode.

DPL IIz introduces a vertical aspect to the sound field through the addition of left and right-channel front height speakers, giving a greater sound of "presence, depth and airiness".

These two receivers also feature four new games modes, so you can tailor your sound depending on what type of game you're playing, a new universal port allowing you to add additional Onkyo equipment such as the upcoming DAB+ radio tuner or iPod dock, and front-panel mounted HDMI input.

Finally you can expect full HD audio decoding, HDTV-capability, HDMI switching, video upscaling via HDMI and fascia-mounted 3.5mm jacks from the two top range models.

However, for those with more modest needs the new TX-SR507 and TX-SR307 5.1-channel receivers may be a better choice.

Buyers of the Blu-ray ready TX-SR507 receiver, will find that it has full Dolby True HD/DTS-HD decoding on board, 4 HDMI inputs (one output), Audyssey Dynamic EQ/Dynamic Volume onboard, a U.Port and a front panel 3.5mm input.

The entry-level TX-SR307 on the other hand will offer pass-through HDMI connectivity (with three HDMI inputs, one output), Dolby Digital/DTS decoding, and a front panel 3.5mm input.

Second in the Onkyo's line-up are its separates-based packages, starting with the HT-S5205 receiver and sub/sat package.

Comprising a 5.1-channel receiver, it offers 3 HDMI inputs (1080p pass through) along with Audyssey Dynamic EQ/Volume, AV sync adjustment and a front panel 3.5mm input.

Coupled to that is a 5.1-channel sub/sat system, with satellites that boast 8cm drive units and a glossy-finished subwoofer.

For those that would prefer a package with a matching DVD player, HT-S5215 package features a HT-S5205 AV receiver bundled with the DV-SP406 1080p upscaling DVD player.

Finally, Onkyo is also introducing the new DS-A3 iPhone/iPod dock, that is designed to link to most generation of iPods, including nanos and minis.

Fitted with gold-plated connectors the DS-A3 generates an onscreen
display to show your music playlist, and also features a Component video output, supported by iPod nano, Classic, Touch and the iPhone.

All products will be available in April, with prices as follows:

AV receivers: TX-SR307 - £250, TX-SR507 - £350, TX-SR577 - £400,
TX-SR607 - £500

Separates packages: HT-S5205 - £400, HT-S5215 - £500

iPhone/ipod dock: DS-A3 - £100

Head over to the Onkyo website for more details.