The Onkyo Corporation has made an announcement that it will release what will be its first Blu-ray disc player for the international market in late 2008.

The player will be designed to partner with Onkyo's high-definition A/V receivers equipped with full HDMI processing of 1080p video and decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound formats.

Onkyo previously revealed it had sold around 2000 rival format HD DVD players when it announced it was discontinuing poduction back in February. At the time it said it had been an "enthusiastic" supporter of HD DVD.

Now the company boasts that it was among the first home theatre manufacturers to offer full audio and video processing capabilities for HD formats such as Blu-ray.

Obviously, product details, pricing and availability all to be announced nearer the time - this is presumably so you can get an Onkyo Blu-ray player-shaped space cleared and ready in your home cinema set-up.