(Pocket-lint) - Onkyo has announced the launch of three new soundbars to save the living room from the poor-quality speakers built-in to your TV.

However, rather than pushing you down the route of setting up an AV receiver with lots of speakers, Onkyo is suggesting that a soundbar might suit you better.

Of the three new products, two are rather conventional soundbars, but the third, the LS-T10 is altogether more interesting.

The so-called TV base speaker system is a more compact package than you'd expect, ideal for adding to your current TV, without the bother of having to either wall-mount or create a typically soundbar-shaped space to fit it into.

The Onkyo LS-T10 is a designed to sit under your TV (as pictured above) bringing with it six full-range drivers as well as a 21w subwoofer.

It shares the attributes of the other Onkyo soundbars, all of which require only a single digital audio input and come pre-programmed with IR codes for nine TV brands so can work with your existing remote.

Aside from the LS-T10 TV base speaker system, the LS-B40 and LS-B50 offer that more conventional soundbar style. The LS-B50 is the big brother of the package, with a separate wireless 40w subwoofer, and six full-range drivers and two tweeters built into the bar.

The LS-B40 offers two bass woofers, four drivers and two tweeters all in the single package. 

The LS-B40 offers two bass woofers, four drivers and two tweeters all in the single package. 

All of the models offer the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, so as well as boosting your TV's sound quality, you can pair with your phone to play your favourite tunes.

The Onkyo LS-T10 (which intrigues us the most) will cost £349 and will be available from the end of September.

The Onkyo LS-B50 is also available from the end of September and will set you back £449, but you do get that subwoofer with it.

Finally, the Onkyo LS-B40 will cost just £299 and can be yours from the end of October.

Writing by Chris Hall.