(Pocket-lint) - Two OnePlus devices were recently listed with the Bluetooth SIG, and it's making us wonder whether the OnePlus TV is getting a wider release.

OnePlus launched Android TV-based OnePlus TV devices in India last year. Now, an upgraded OnePlus TV and remote has surfaced in newly uncovered Bluetooth SIG listings (via 9to5Google), all of which indicate that a new OnePlus TV model could arrive this year in markets beyond India. At the very least, we can assume the devices will launch stateside since the Bluetooth SIG operates in the US.

If a device plans to offer Bluetooth connection, it must be approved by the Bluetooth SIG (special interest group). And, similar to US FCC listings, devices that appear on the Bluetooth SIG website usually launch right after.

Bluetooth SIG

Last year's OnePlus TV and remote, for instance, were first discovered via the Bluetooth SIG two months before they released. It used the names “1+ LED TV” and “1+ Remote Control” with 39 model numbers, but its latest Bluetooth SIG new listing only mentions one model number: “55UA0A00.” Add it all up, and OnePlus could be readying a new 55-inch OnePlus TV for a wider release.

It also looks like this new OnePlus TV will use an updated MediaTek chip from 2019 (rather than 2017), while the new remote has updated Realtek chip. Other than that, it's hard to tell what else is new with this refreshed OnePlus TV. And, since it's only been a month since the OnePlus 8 series launched, it's hard to imagine OnePlus holding a second event so soon during the pandemic.

We've contacted the company for a comment, in the hopes to learn anything official about the next OnePlus TV.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.