(Pocket-lint) - In September 2019 OnePlus debuted its first television, OnePlus TV. We're yet to see one at Pocket-lint towers, however, as the set first launched in India, with other territories waiting to follow that market's lead.

Patience is likely a virtue, though, as at launch there was no Netflix on OnePlus' platform. But that's all changed, Android Police reports, with a new update for the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro. That's big news for when the tellies make their way to Europe and beyond.

The update addresses some other issues, too, optimising volume adjustment and picture quality, while adding a shortcut to mute by pressing both volume adjust buttons together.

Furthermore, new purchases of the Q1 and Q1 Pro will come with a redesigned remote control, a response to the wide panning the original controller received. It's onwards and upwards.

How long we'll have to wait to see these products arrive outside of India still isn't clear. But as both Q1 and Q1 Pro are 11-inch 4K QLED panels - much like those that Samsung releases - with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+, makes us expect the price point will be around the four-figure mark. We'll have to wait and see.

Writing by Mike Lowe.