(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has officially announced the OnePlus TV, the expected announcement that sees the smartphone disruptor moving onto the next industry it's going to shake-up - television. 

Announced on stage at a launch event in India, OnePlus co-founder and CEO Pete Lau said that the aim was to bring the smartphone and TV closer.

Having announced the intention to dive into television a year ago, there's been a drip feed of information over the past few months, building a picture of this new TV set.

It's going to run on Android TV with OnePlus enhancements, offer Dolby Atmos as well as offering Dolby Vision quality.

It will have a 55-inch QLED panel with a 4K resolution. OnePlus claims that they have customised the QLED panel to get better performance out of it, saying that this screen is going to be vivid and vibrant. OnePlus says that it has a custom chip with image processing algorithms.

Going beyond just the hardware, working with Dolby there is an eight-speaker system to deliver immersive audio thanks to Dolby Atmos, while support for Dolby Vision means that the OnePlus TV will be able to squeeze the highest quality out of supported movies.

There are two woofers firing backwards from the soundbar, while the forward-facing speakers offer four full range speakers and two tweeters fire forwards, with an output of 50W.

The clever thing is that the soundbar is attached to the TV, dropping down into sight when the TV is turned on, so there's a clever piece of design going into this new TV. It deploys in 7.2 seconds and adds a little drama.

There will be two versions of the TV - the Q1 and Q1 Pro, one with soundbar and one without.

OnePlus has gone to town making sure the rear of the TV looks great too, with a hidden bay for all the connections.


The remote was previously revealed, with a slick aluminium unibody, with USB Type-C charging rather than using batteries.

The OnePlus TV will run on Android TV with Oxygen Play, with 3 years of update promised. That means that the TV will come with Google Assistant built-in, so you can press the button on the remote and talk to Google and use Google Cast. It also works with Alexa.

Oxygen Play is OnePlus' own platform that will serve up all the content - and while there's a range of different streaming services at launch, it doesn't look like Netflix is one of them - although it is promised to arrive in the future.

One of the things that will make the TV and smartphone work a little closer together is a service called OnePlus Connect. This will allow direct and low-latency control of the TV, while also giving you a Google Assistant button so you can also speak directions to the TV via your phone. 

Looking to remove the pain points encountered when using smart TVs, you'll be able to navigate from your phone, as well as using your phone's keyboard, rather than on-screen keyboards. It will also have a clever screenshot function.

OnePlus Connect will serve up all your content to browse and play on the TV, and a clever function will automatically lower the TV volume when a call comes in on your phone.

The OnePlus TV Q1 will cost ₹69,900 (around £797) and the Q1 Pro will be ₹99,900 (around £1,139). There's no word on availability outside India - but if you are in India you can head over to Amazon to buy it.

Writing by Chris Hall.