OnePlus is drip-feeding information about its forthcoming OnePlus TV and the latest part of the puzzle is the fancy remote for the OnePlus TV.

Shared by Pete Lau, OnePlus co-founder and head of the new TV project at OnePlus, on Twitter, the new remote looks slim, sexy and clad in metal. It has a premium look, with just a hint of Apple TV about it.

There are a couple of details to examine. Firstly, there's USB Type-C to charge it and we've previously heard that this is a Bluetooth remote - but it looks like charging is going to be easy without having to mess around with batteries.

Then there are the controls. There aren't many buttons, but one that stands-out is the Google Assistant button, suggesting you'll just be able to press that and start talking, rather like using Alexa on the Fire TV. 

There's what looks like a navigator at the top to get around the UI, as well as home and back buttons that look like they are lifted from an Android phone. There's a menu button and a button that's blank - and we really hope it's a programmable hotkey to go to your favourite streaming service or channel. 

There's also a OnePlus button and we've got no idea what this might do, but we suspect there will be a layer of personalisation on this TV that goes beyond that offered by Android TV - and this button might be the way into that section.

This all looks and sounds good, but we're left hoping that there's a regular remote control too. We've seen a lot of remotes like this, from big TV players like LG and Samsung, and we usually revert to using the regular remote. Why? Because it gives you direct access to exactly what you want, without having to navigate a menu.

Smaller remotes are prone to getting lost down the back of the sofa and when you're trying to change the HDMI input quickly and you don't have a button for it, it just makes more work.

Of course OnePlus has said that they want to redefine the TV experience, so it might be that through intuitive UI changes, OnePlus presents a user experience that doesn't need a remote with all those buttons. We also suspect that control through a mobile phone will be enabled - this has been done before, but it's always been a little clunky: certainly, if you can use your phone to setup streaming services rather than using an on-screen keyboard, then the experience will much better than many.

We'll soon know all the details: OnePlus TV is due to be launched in India during September.