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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has officially unveiled the name and branding for its upcoming smart TV. Unsurprisingly, the telly will be called OnePlus TV, and the logo looks exactly as you would imagine it. 

While it might seem obvious - and undoubtedly was the name most people assumed it would be - there is a simplicity behind the naming and branding which goes against TV convention. 

Look up Samsung, LG or Sony TVs and you'll find product names including a long model number to indicate size, and which series that TV belongs to. It can be quite confusing. 

As for the logo, that's the simple OnePlus square icon, with a similarly simple "TV" after it. 

OnePlus is a company that's kept things fairly minimal and clean in all of its existence. There are never confusing product names or overly elaborate logos. Even its phone software is clean and simple. 

As for the TV itself, rumours have been gathering pace over the past couple of months indicating that it will be launching relatively soon. 

OnePlus has already stated that it plans to bring its eye for design to the TV market, suggesting the build and look of the TV will be premium. Bluetooth certification has indicated we're also likely to see a number of different sizes ranging from 43-inches to 75-inches. 

Other rumours suggest that it'll be a 4K HDR TV with a UI built on Google's Android TV platform. The company has also confirmed that it will have voice control and an integrated camera.

While other details are scarce, OnePlus is working on making it a TV set that does more than just be a platform for your favourite movies and TV shows. It's going to be a smart home controller, and offer some form of integration with your calendars and agenda. 

OnePlus is hoping to launch this TV set this year, but nothing has been suggested in terms of price just yet. It'll be interesting to see if the ambitious company can disrupt the TV market in the same way it has done with smartphones. Stay tuned. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.