(Pocket-lint) - Having heard that the OnePlus TV was approaching launch in June 2019, we've now seen Bluetooth certification for the OnePlus TV, again suggesting that it will soon be revealed to the world. 

Spotted at the Bluetooth SIG (special interest group) - the body that certifies Bluetooth devices - it looks as though OnePlus' big screen venture is preparing for launch. Normally devices are registered with the relevant regulatory body in advance of launch - which looks to be happening in this case. 

Apart from revealing that the OnePlus TV will have Bluetooth 5.0, there's little else revealed about the sets themselves - except that the model codes could provide some information about what to expect. 

There are a number of models listed and those codes contain some familiar numbers - 43, 55, 65 and 75 - common TV sizes. That suggests that those are the screen sizes that OnePlus TV will be available in.

Bluetooth SIG

The codes also provide some lettering - IN, CN, US - which are very likely to be country codes. It was known that India would be one of the launch territories, so this comes as no surprise, but it looks like homeland China and USA will also be in luck. 

The model codes suggest a number of different variants of TV. Apart from sizes there is Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 U2, U3, Z2, Z3 - which might be different families of TV, or slightly different positions of model. 

Very little is actually known about how OnePlus plans to make its TV different to any other, but the Bluetooth listing does say that it's an Android TV. Whether it will run Android TV and support everything that Google's TV does, or whether it's just Android core code, we don't know. 

We've been keeping track of all the OnePlus TV rumours right here and will keep you updated with any developments.

Writing by Chris Hall.