Even considering the Apple TV 4K box, the Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most powerful streaming boxes around. And now it's dramatically cheaper until Christmas. 

The Android-powered Shield TV box is capable of streaming 4K HDR content, in up to 60fps, and play a whole stack of excellent games, including many exclusive to the platform. 

You can now get an Nvidia Shield TV for £160 with both the wireless remote and game controller included

There are hundreds of apps available for the Shield TV, including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and, of course, Google's own Play Movies store for 4K content.

It was updated this year to also be compatible with Google Assistant, which means you can use the controller to control your smart home by voice. And there are many things you can ask for which show on your TV, such as weather reports, sports results and much more.

Considering it's built around the same architecture as the Nintendo Switch, you can't go far wrong with adding an Nvidia Shield TV to your home entertainment setup.