(Pocket-lint) - When Nvidia released the Shield TV Android-powered set-top-box in October there was one specific criticism levied at it as an entertainment device. Although it is capable of playing Netflix ultra high definition content and YouTube videos in 4K at 60 frames per second, it didn't come with a remote control in the box as standard.

It did, however, come with a game controller, which signalled Nvidia's number one priority with the box; it has plenty of gaming talents and the manufacturer focused on that aspect most of all.

But on the build up to Christmas, Nvidia has changed its mind and now includes the remote control - normally sold separately for £40 - as part of the package. What's more, the game controller is still included too, which makes the £150 price point much more attractive.

Consider that the non-4K Apple TV starts at £129 without a gamepad or, when combined with its dedicated game controller, the 4K Amazon Fire TV costs a total of £120 and you can see that the Shield TV is much more reasonably priced than before. It is also the most powerful amongst the bunch and is the only one with a HDMI 2.0 output.

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To celebrate the new bundle, Nvidia also released an intriguing video of a skydive with a difference. The diver is accompanied by an entire living room set-up which was also pushed out of the back door of a plane. Or was it?

Nvidia cheekily leaves it up to you to decide whether it really lobbed a living room setup out of a moving plane or whether its technology is behind computer effects used to simulate the fall. What do you think? Real or fake?

We actually think it's a bit of both.

Writing by Rik Henderson.