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(Pocket-lint) - Now TV will finally gain a Full HD streaming option later this year.

A Sky spokeswoman exclusively told Pocket-lint that, after years of customer requests, the service is trialling 1080p video for both its live and on demand content: "Later this year we will be introducing the option of streaming Now TV both live and on demand in Full HD, with content from the likes of Sky Atlantic, Sky One and Sky Sports," she said.

"Like any new functionality, we always conduct trials before releasing new products or features to all our customers."

It is interesting that the upgrade is being described as an "option". Perhaps the currently available HD (720p) resolution will be available too, at a cheaper price point. However, Sky wouldn't confirm whether or not the move to 1080P would come with additional costs.

Sky could offer a new, premium version of Now TV, possibly dubbed Now TV+, to run alongside its existing HD service. This is a similar approach to Netflix and how it prices its packages in the UK and abroad. Netflix offers standard definition, high definition and Ultra HD packages, for example.

Alternatively, it could just upgrade the video quality for all customers.

Now TV is Sky's streaming alternative that gives access to Sky programming from its TV, movie and sports channels in the form of non-contract monthly paid passes. You can cancel any of the packages on offer at any time.

But it has long been criticised for streaming at a significantly lower quality than many rivals.

By adopting a Full HD service, either by default or through a separate Now TV+ premium plan, it will finally be brought up to industry standard.

And while Sky is yet to detail when exactly its 1080p stream will launch, we are sure many will be eager to upgrade - even if there is a small additional price to pay.


Writing by Stuart Miles and Rik Henderson. Originally published on 10 May 2019.