You can watch the first day of The Open golf championship for free today, 14 July, thanks to Now TV.

The major golf event is being shown exclusively by Sky Sports and if you don't have Sky you might miss out. However, Now TV is giving everyone a free Sky Sports Day Pass today, usually worth £6.99. That means you can watch for the next 24 hours on a connected TV, games console, tablet, phone or set-top-box at no cost.

The championship has started already, so you'll have to jump in while it's underway, but you'll still get completely free coverage for the rest of the day. And as the Day Pass runs for 24 consecutive hours after you start watching, it'll run to tomorrow morning too.

To get the free Sky Sports Day Pass, head to You can either sign up for the first time or be an existing customer.

A Sky Sports Day Pass also expires after the set time limit. You will not be charged for a further pass after it has completed (unlike the Sky Cinema or Sky Entertainment Monthly Passes).

Now TV has also recently released a new set-top-box of its own. The Now TV Smart Box can stream Now TV content, plus around 50 additional apps, as well as contains a digital TV tuner to watch, pause and rewind live terrestrial television.

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