(Pocket-lint) - Sky announced its next Now TV box at an event in London just over a week ago and has revealed that you can nab one from today, Thursday 7 July.

It is also the Now TV Combo from today too, which lumps a streaming service pass, unlimited broadband, and a phone line, all without a contract.

The combo comes with the new Now TV Smart Box included.

Prices for the combo depends on the pass, broadband package and landline deal, but start at £9.99 a month, with line rental on top for £17.99 a month. The bigger the pass or better the broadband and phone, the higher the price.

The Now TV Smart Box comes with a digital TV tuner and all of Now TV's apps and services. You can buy it separately for £40 if you don't want the Combo package. Live TV is included into the usual menu screen and runs from an aerial socket.

You can find out more details, including prices from nowtv.com/combo. The site also has a bundle building option, which checks to see which services you can have installed in your region. It's always worth checking first, just in case.

The standard Now TV box is still available too, for those who don't require a digital tuner or combination deal.

Writing by Rik Henderson.