Netgear is demonstrating its latest home entertainment device, the Digital Entertainer HD (EVA8000) set top box at CES.

The device is a digital media receiver that can stream pictures, music, and video from your PC to your TV effortlessly, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac machines, as well as network and USB storage devices.

This means you can watch BitTorrent and YouTube videos on your TV set.

To set it up, you connect the device to your home entertainment system and to a router, and then it automatically detects movies, TV shows, music files, and photos on the home network. It then displays them in one user interface, sorting it by titles, actors, date, genre, or thumbnail images, amongst other criteria.

With an HDMI port, the Digital Entertainer HD transmits HD images; it also acts as a DVR if you've got a TV tuner in your PC.

Other connectivity includes digital AV, RCA for composite and component video outputs, stereo CA audio ports, coaxial and optical digital audio outputs, an S-video port, and SCART.

Available in the US during the first quarter, it will go on sale for around $350.

Also announced by Netgear is a Dual-Mode Cordless Phone with Skype, the SPH200D. It lets you make VoIP and landline calls even with the computer off. The base station incorporates an Ethernet connector that goes into the router, and a traditional landline connection. It can support up to four cordless handsets, and will retail for around $200.