Netgear has announced the EVA9100 Digital Entertainer Express - which seems to be an upgrade to the similarly-named EVA9150 from earlier in the year. The device allows you to stream content from computers and NAS drives on your network - moving your music, movies and pictures from your PC screen to your whopping great big HDTV.

There's support for full 1080p, and the unit also packs a couple of USB ports for adding even more content from a flash drive, camera, iPod, or other device. It can play back WMV9, H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video, and will upconvert any lower-definition content to HD as best it can. On the back, there's Scart, HDMI, S-Video and Component video outputs, as well as optical audio, Ethernet and the aforementioned USB.

It's also able to access content from Hulu, Netflix and CBS via Netgear's PLayOn subscription service. It can be connected wirelessly by adding the EVAW111 netgear wireless USB adaptor.

There are no pricing or availability details yet, but when we hear, we'll pass them on.