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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix ignited a powderkeg when it released Extraction in 2020, the Chris Hemsworth-fronted action film exploding to the top of its charts and racking up huge figures as its popularity spread.

Now we know that a sequel is on the way, with Hemsworth returning alongside the first film's director. Find out all the key details right here.

Extraction 2 release date

We got word that Extraction was getting a sequel in September 2021, when Netflix debuted a really short teaser trailer that's mostly cut together from footage of the first film's closing moments.

It ends with confirmation of Extraction 2, but didn't clarify a date or release window, unsurprisingly. In mid-2022, though, Collider reported that the film should release in 2023, after wrapping up its filming in April 2022.

That means we hopefully don't have too much longer to wait before we learn more about where Hemsworth's Tyler Rake will be going next, and what mission he'll find himself on.

Extraction 2 trailer

You can check out that first teaser for Extraction 2 right here.

It's short but sweet, and actually serves as a decent reminder of how the last film ended, with Tyler Rake taking a deep plunge into a river in mortal danger after being wounded while protecting his charge.

We'll add any other trailers that release for the film to this section, so do check back to see if anything has appeared.

How to watch Extraction 2

Extraction 2 will thankfully be a simple film to watch once it comes out - as a fully homegrown Netflix original, all you'll need is a Netflix account or trial in order to watch it in full.

It may get a limited run in cinemas too, given the first film's popularity, but we'll have to wait to see what Netflix announces on that front when the release date is actually confirmed.

Extraction 2 cast and crew

For now we only know about three key names in relation to Extraction 2, but they're really important ones.

Firstly, Chris Hemsworth is back in the lead role as mercenary Tyler Rake, so you can expect more crunching fight scenes and impressive stunts from the leading man.

NetflixEverything we know about Extraction 2: Cast, rumours and more photo 1

Second, stuntman-turned director Sam Hargrave is at the helm again, which is similarly heartening if you're hoping to see the sort of choreography and brutality that made Extraction's fights and chases so memorable.

Finally, writer Joe Russo, who's done so much work with Marvel alongside his brother Anthony, is again writing the movie, meaning the three biggest names attached to the first movie's tone and content are all back for more.

There may be some other returning cast members, but nothing is confirmed at this stage and we'll have to wait to find out more, it would seem.

Extraction 2 story and setting

At the end of Extraction Tyler Rake was in a predicament and a half, but the fact that there's a sequel coming means we know he survived and will fight another day.

However, we don't have much to go on in terms of what Extraction 2 might see him get up to.

Writer Joe Russo has said that the team didn't want to make the same film again, so we're theoretically going to get a slightly different tone and pace in the sequel, it would seem. How distinct that is will be something to look forward to finding out.

Russo also told Collider that compared to the first film Extraction 2 "has a different color schematic. It's set in a different part of the world."

That means we're optimistic that we'll get to see some new locations and potentially a bunch of stunts that play off whatever part of the world we land in, given how well that worked for Bangladesh in Extraction.

Based on the above couple of shots from director Sam Hargrave, it looks like a wintery, snowbound location is likely to feature at some point in the movie.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.