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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix looks like it may be taking a new approach to its existential drive - the hunt for more subscribers. The streaming giant recently, and quietly, stopped offering free trials in most territories, eliminating people's ability to try the service out for free.

That's a pretty significant step, but Netflix seems to have more plans up its sleeve on this front. It looks like it's planning a new two-day event called Streamfest, which would give anyone and everyone the chance to use Netflix for two days in December, completely free.

For now, the plan has only been confirmed for India, on a recent earnings call, but the tone of the confirmation very much makes it sound like this is a trial that could expand to more countries if it lands well.

The system will let people stream for free for two days, starting on 4 December 2020, although it's of course as yet unclear whether this would mean everything Netflix offers, or a more limited slice of its catalogue.

The event was first spotted in update code for the Android version of Netflix's app, and that code contained a line to warn users that Streamfest was over capacity, suggesting that there could be a limit on how many people will be able to take part at once. 

Time will tell whether the event proves enough of a success on Netflix's side to see it try out the system in a territory like the US or UK.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 21 October 2020.