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(Pocket-lint) - The Netflix team regularly hosts hack days where employees come up with interesting, sometimes odd new features for the service and trial them to see if they could ever work in the real world.

During one of its most recent hack days, held in May, team members devised a way to make your phone rumble as you watch shows, plus a few other innovative tech experiments that are well worth watching.

We've included them here for you to see some of the things that could improve the Netflix service in future. Or were simply created for a bit of fun.

Project Rumble Pak

While we have reservations on this, not least because of the additional drain on battery life, Project Rumble Pak uses your smartphone or tablet's vibration functionality to make shows more immersive.

When action in a programme ramps up, your device physically rumbles to give you additional haptic feedback. Fun, but do you really want to buzz your way through an episode of Stranger Things when watching it on the Tube?

The Voice of Netflix

We're not entire sure where this could be used - during search perhaps - but a couple of Netflix team members created vocal feedback tech that uses a neural net to find specific words in Netflix content and use them as natural speech on command.

Basically, imagine entering a query and the software responding in the voice of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).


This is a great tech test of software designed for Netflix film and TV makers rather than viewers. You feed it an image - perhaps from a storyboard - and the computer vision technology searches a vast database to automatically suggest buildings that match.

You can therefore then see if you can rent it as a film location.

Get Out!

The last Spring 2019 hack is more specific to Netflix employees themselves. It essentially tells those in meeting rooms around different Netflix complexes to leave a meeting room after the booked time has expired.

If they overstay their welcome, they get Oscar-style exit music blaring out of the room's public address system.

Netflix hosts these hack days every so often, so we'll bring you more in time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.