In an effort to help you determine how unfaithful you are, Netflix has released a "Netflix Cheating" test.

Netflix recently announced that "Netflix cheating is on the rise globally and shows no signs of stopping", claiming 46 per cent of users have done it and 81 per cent have done it more than once. What does that even mean? Well, it's when one part of a couple watches a movie or skips ahead in a series they were supposed to watch together.

Now, to bring awareness to the issue (and just in time for Valentine’s Day), Netflix has released a test that asks whether you have "cheated” on your viewing buddy by streaming a program ahead of them, how often you committed the act and when (like while your partner is at work), and whether it was premeditated or spontaneous.

Pocket-lintare you a netflix cheater  image 2

Netflix said 80 percent of cheating is an impulse decision, and 45 percent of cheaters never confess to the act. It surveyed subscribers in 29 countries and found instances of cheating everywhere, with Brazil having the highest number of cheaters (at 58 per cent), while the Netherlands had the lowest (at 27 per cent).

But, no worries: Netflix also found that many of us are in open Netflix relationships. Forty-six per cent of people surveyed said Netflix cheating wasn’t a big deal to them. Phew.

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