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(Pocket-lint) - Windows 10 users can now view Netflix shows and films in 4K Ultra HD, hurrah! But you need a PC running a chipset not widely available yet, boo!

It has been announced that it is now possible to view Netflix in 4K through Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 PC or laptop. The only problem is that it requires a 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processor to run.

Considering laptops and PCs with 7th gen chipsets are only just hitting the market (and for a pretty penny) it's more than likely you haven't got one yet. And if you are the type of person (like us) that builds your own PCs, you can't even buy Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs yet - they are currently only available to OEMs and manufacturers.

It's mind boggling really. Even if your PC has an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card, Intel i7 Skylake processor and is capable of munching through GTA V in 4K, you still can't play Netflix in 4K in a browser.

Still, it's a start. Maybe once it's been tried and tested for a while it'll become more widely available.

It should be pointed out you will also need a 4K display and a top level Netflix subscription to access Ultra HD content, which costs £8.99 a month in the UK. You'll also need a broadband connection of at least 25Mbps.

Sod it, just buy a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 22 November 2016.