(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has introduced a new feature to its mobile app that will allow greater control of data usage when streaming over networks.

The new Netflix tool will allow you to decide how much data is used up per hour of streaming. While the app did previously offer smart data controls when on network connections, it didn't offer this depth of control.

In the default setting the app will stream three hours of shows and films using a single gigabyte of data. That, Netflix points out, is about 600 kilobits per second in terms of quality. So if you have a large phone with high-resolution display, or tablet, then you might want to push that higher – which you now can choose to do. 

The Unlimited resolution setting can use up to 1GB of data every 20 minutes depending on device and network speed.

This setting only applies to streaming over networks and will not work when using Wi-Fi, this reverts back to the best quality available on the network.

To control these settings simply navigate to the Settings section in your Netflix app and choose Cellular Data Usage to activate and pick your data limit.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.