(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has begun streaming its High Dynamic Range and Dolby Vision content in the UK on selected TV screens, starting with Sony.

The enhanced HDR content will be part of the 4K streaming package offering a greater brightness to the video, reports Steve May on InsideCI.

The update is reportedly ready for 2015 Sony TVs with Android 4K. That means Netflix HDR can be streamed to updated Sony X85C, S85C, X90C, X93C and X93C televisions. Newer 2016 Sony televisions including the SD85, XD85, XD93 and XD94 will also support HDR playback.

Netflix original content, shot with HDR support like Marco Polo, is currently available to stream. The old 4K moniker appears to have been ditched in favour of a simple HDR label, within the Netflix menu screen.

The HDR content is noticeably brighter than the normal stream allowing for greater clarity in the pictures. The television will automatically adjust to support the HDR setting which allows it to display at full quality immediately.

Netflix has also said that the Dolby equivalent, Dolby Vision, is also being delivered to any TVs that support it. Now it's just a case of waiting for the TV manufacturers to catch up and roll out the updates needed to take advantage of the HDR content.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.