(Pocket-lint) - Movie and show streaming service Netflix has announced that it will be putting up its prices soon, for early adopters in the UK.

Until recently Netflix subscribers who signed up early were given a pay freeze on their subscription price. That freeze, as laid out by Netflix already, will end in May.

Some customers in the UK may still be currently paying the original £5.99 per month entry-level price for the HD package. That will be bumped up to £7.49.

The exact date is unclear but May is when it begins. This may vary across accounts so yours could be different. To check when your pricing changes go into Your Account page and check under the Plan Details section to find your date.

If the £7.49 price for the standard HD plan, streaming on up to two screens at once, is too much for you then you can cancel your membership, or try another of the three pricing options.

The Netflix Premium plan, which includes 4K streaming on up to fours screens at once, is priced at £8.99 per month while the basic package, which doesn't feature HD and only works on one screen at a time, is £5.99 per month.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.