(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has increased the aggression with which it attacks work-arounds that allow non-US residents enjoy US content.

Now watching shows and movies that are reserved for US residents will be much more difficult for those residing outside of the country.

Using a VPN, virtual private network, users have been able to trick Netlfix into thinking they were based in the US. This then allowed them access to US content. Movie and TV studios prefer to keep content locked into certain locations so it can be sold multiple times around the world to different areas. 

Until recently Netflix hasn't been too hardline about stopping VPN use. It has said it doesn't support it and has begun blocking VPNs. But it's only this weekend that has seen an outcry from users on Reddit after being blocked from many avenues by Netflix.

Users that tried to access Netflix via a VPN were met with error messages.This has even been happening for those that use a VPN locally, so a UK one set to UK for example. Of course this is still not an all-out block by the company.

If Netflix really wanted to be hardline about geo-blocking it could use credit card information and block users based on their country of residence. Here's hoping Netflix doesn't entirely bow to the demands of its content providers.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.