(Pocket-lint) - Sky has rolled out a handful of new features for its Sky+ customers including the ability to download an entire season at the start for some TV shows, as well as automatically start the next episode of a "Box Set" when you've finished watching the previous one.

In a move, that will be seen by many as Sky adopting features already found on Amazon Prime and Netflix, the roll out, which will hit Sky boxes over the coming months, should make it easier to enjoy "Sky Box Sets" with little effort.

Sky customers will get exclusive access to the full series of The Tunnel: Sabotage and Showtime hit Billions at the same time as the first episode premieres on Sky Atlantic.

The broadcaster has also enhanced the "Series link" feature allowing you to line up a whole box set to watch with a "Download All" option.

"Customers can select to move the full series into their Planner, with the first two episodes downloading automatically," Sky has told Pocket-lint.

The new "Watch Next" feature will mean that towards the end of a show, you will see an on screen prompt to 'watch next episode' if you’ve downloaded the whole series. If you decide to keep watching by pressing the green button the next episode will play immediately. 

Sky says that it has also introduced more recognisable show images across Sky+ to help decide what to watch - with images added to New Series, Suggestions, Search and TV Box Sets, and movies in the recently launched Watchlist are now ordered by the date they expire from Sky Movies making it easier to never miss a movie again. 

The new updates come as the company starts its rollout of the new Sky Q service, suggesting that Sky isn't done with Sky+ just yet, something that will no doubt be welcomed by those not ready to upgrade to the new offering just yet.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.