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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has told Pocket-lint, at a private event near MWC 2016, that is plans to launch an update for its mobile app to save on data charges. It will also introduce a second screen function for use on smartphones and tablets while watching on a main screen. The HDR launch show and rough date was also been revealed.

Data limits on mobile

The movie and TV show streaming service has told Pocket-lint that later this year it will begin rolling out an app update that puts greater data control in the user's hands. The iOS and Android app update will feature a button that can be turned on to limit bitrate.

The app will then intelligently work out the best economical bandwidth at which to stream the programming. This, says Netflix, will be able to limit quality in order to save data even to the point of pushing it below Full HD 1080p streaming levels. But there is a second button to allow HD, should you want to keep that as the minimum quality level.

Netflix has said that at the moment the app won't take into account the device's screen resolution. It also won't allow the user to specify what level it would like the limit to be set to. Although Netflix does say that this could be an option that gets added in the future.

Netflix second screen

The second screen function, which has been in the works for four years, will offer an image with data on the actor in the programming being watched on the large screen. In our demo this was done using an Android phone and Chromecast.

Also available on the second screen will be related programming to the show and to the actor. This will initially launch on Android and Chromecast but iOS and console updates will follow.

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Netflix HDR launch

Netflix also told Pocket-lint that it would first launch HDR on the second series of Daredevil. While the show is due to launch in March the HDR version may not be available immediately.

Marco Polo season one will also be updated with an HDR version, adapted in post-production. "HDR is a bigger leap in terms of experience than 4K," said Netflix.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.