Netflix has introduced pay-as-you-go gift cards that pay for access to its streaming service but without the need for a regular monthly subscription. Not only does this give gift givers the option to send friends and loved ones money towards the use of Netflix, it is also a way for those who don't or can't set-up regular payments through a credit or debit card.

The Netflic Card will be available in stores up and down the UK, including Morrisons, WHSmith, Game, Asda, Argo, PC World and Currys, and will come in three price plans: £15, £20 and £50.

Each comes with a unique code on the rear under a scratch strip that, once entered, adds the specific amount of credit to a Netflix account and thus provides a way to give or buy time on the service without needing a credit or debit card.

It's also a way for parents to purchase Netflix access for a child, if they don't require a subscription for themselves. And the credit will work across all of the company's three payment tiers, including the top end account that also provides 4K Ultra HD video streaming - usually costing £8.99 a month.