(Pocket-lint) - If you've logged onto your Netflix account via a web browser anytime recently, you may have noticed a change. For the first time in four years Netflix has updated its website.

That sounds like a long time to go without an update but if it ain't broke and all that. Also with all the platforms Netflix has spread to, including phones, tablets, smart TVs and consoles, it's no wonder the website has taken a backseat.

But since browsers have changed considerably, it was time for an update to take advantage of all the new smarts.

Now the update is here, are we all going to be lost trying to find what to watch? Of course not. In true Netflix style everything has been kept minimal, smart and easy to use.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Netflix website.

Design diversity


Netflix says that more and more people are using its service on phones and tablets. For this reason its design overhaul on the website has resulted in a more mobile-like layout. That means a richer, more visual experience that works more like an app than webpages all linked up.

Now information appears contextually in-line rather than on another page. That means a faster experience as well as a more simplified one.

Show interaction

The way we browse has changed. Now when you hover the mouse over a title you'll now see a slideshow of images from that programme or movie. The idea is to offer you a snippet of what to expect, without having to watch a trailer video or just read the description alone.


Now when you click on a title an inline details pane is opened for browsing episodes and reading details including reviews. This also offers exploration of similar titles using the More Like This option. You can also use Details to go into other titles via same cast, genre or mood.

Multiple inputs

The new Netflix site has been designed with newer gadgets in mind. 

Netflix online can now be used via mouse, trackpad or touch screen – ideal for Windows 10 users. Tapping the touch screen can play an episode or swiping can scroll through titles.

Also, scrolling rows is much faster, with a mouse-click moving a row at a time.

When will I get the update?

If you've not already got the update on your account, don't worry. Netflix says the update began rolling out from 15 June and can take up to two weeks to reach everyone. This is an international release.

If you've got an older browser you may be prompted to update that in order to run the new Netflix website.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.