(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has put up its prices in the UK, as detailed in an email sent to subscribers, including Pocket-lint.

New subscribers will have to pay £7.49 a month for a subscription that allows users to watch HD content on the service on two screens at once - rise of 50p. Subscriptions still start at just £5.99, but you can only watch standard definition versions of the shows and films, and only on one screen at a time.

The top end package, which costs £8.99 and includes four screen viewing and some Ultra HD content access, is also still available at that price it seems.

Current users have been told that their original monthly subscription fee has been frozen until at least May 2016. That's great news for those who originally subscribed at £5.99 a month rather than the more recent £6.99 a month. They will continue to pay £1.50 less a month than new subscribers for almost a year.

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The price rise has been introduced just in time for the new season of Orange is the New Black to start on the service. The Netflix original series is now on its third season and has garnered enough interest for newcomers to pay the higher prices in order to see what the fuss is all about.

Writing by Rik Henderson.