(Pocket-lint) - After Jeremy Clarkson's much publicised violent spat, resulting in the BBC refusing to renew his Top Gear contract, there has been much speculation over what he and fellow presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, would do next.

It seems like none of them are returning to the show, with the BBC now heading in a new direction post-Clarkson, but rumours have it that they are far from done with TV programmes about cars. Or each other's company.

Instead, it is alleged that all three will start a new Top Gear-style series to be shown exclusively on Netflix. And what's more, the Daily Mirror claims that it will be called House of Cars. No, really.

"If it goes ahead, they’re planning to call it House of Cars, which is just genius," a pal of the stars told the newspaper.

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Naturally, Netflix's biggest home grown show, which has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards, is the Kevin Spacey-starring House of Cards. It will certainly raise a few eyebrows if Clarkson et al muscle in on that action, albeit just in name.

What's more likely is that was an in-joke during discussions. If Netflix does secure the services of the trio it is more likely to choose something else: Braking Bad, perhaps.

Writing by Rik Henderson.