Netflix just posted its first-quarter earnings for 2015 and revealed it now has a whopping 60 million subscribers worlwide.

The company has experienced growth for the last several quarters, but the most recent spike brought it up to 41.4 million domestic subscribers and 20.88 million overseas subscribers, meaning it increased 24 per cent and added 4.91 million new customers during the record quarter.

Netflix told investors it was aiming for 40.91 million and 20.53 million, respectively, and it attributed the strong US growth to "ever-improving content, including the launch of the third season of 'House of Cards' and new shows 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' and 'Bloodline'."

As for the financial stuff, Netflix said revenue hit $1.57 billion, whereas the company reported $1.27 billion during the year-ago quarter. Although revenue was up slightly, Netflix reported a first-quarter profit of $23.7 million, down from $53.1 million a year earlier.

Netflix will hold a live discussion of the results, including comments from its CEO and other executives, starting at 3 pm PST. You can tune in here.

Following the results, Netflix's stock rose over 10 per cent in after-hours trading.