(Pocket-lint) - If renting The Interview or watching it in a small theater somewhere is too inconvenient, you might be glad to hear that a major streaming service is about to release the film.

Buried in its quarterly earnings letter to shareholders, Netflix has announced a list of TV shows and movies it plans to stream in the coming months. The Interview, which stars actors Seth Rogen and James Franco, is among them.

While describing the film as a "controversial comedy", Netflix said The Interview will be available to stream in the US and Canada on 24 January, exactly one month after its planned Christmas Day release at select US theaters. There's no word yet if Netflix plans to offer The Interview in the UK or elsewhere.

The Interview is about two journalists recruited by the CIA to turn their press trip to Pyongyang into an Kim Jong-un assassination mission. Sony Pictures, which made the film, was the target of a cyber attack orchestrated by North Korea in December, purportedly because Kim Jong-un didn't like the film and its plot.

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The Interview has earned $40 million in video-on-demand rentals and purchases. Netflix is now offering the film exclusively however, meaning you likely won't be able to watch it from competing services, such as Amazon Instant Video, at least initially.

Writing by Elyse Betters.