When it comes to offline viewing, Netflix doesn't want to mince words.

According to TechRadar, which spoke to Cliff Edwards, Netflix's director of corporate communications and technology, Netflix will never allow subscribers to download films or shows from Netflix's catalogue to their device for offline viewing.

"It's never going to happen," Edwards explained, while noting that downloading films and shows and then viewing that content offline is nothing but a "short term fix for a bigger problem".

The problem he referred to is Wi-Fi. People tend to download videos from services, such as BBC iPlayer, when they anticipate having no Wi-Fi like when on a plane. Netflix believes Wi-Fi coverage will improve within five years, eliminating the need for offline viewing.

Netflix's stance on video downloads and offline viewing shouldn't be too surprising for subscribers. For instance, in January, Netflix's head of global corporate communications told The Verge that an offline viewing-type feature is "very unlikely".

Many reports assumed that complex licensing deals were preventing Netflix from offering such a feature, but it appears the company just wants to wait for technology to catch up rather than invest in something new.