(Pocket-lint) - Netflix added social recommendations to its service back in September but only limited to its website, iOS, PS3 and Xbox – now it's arrived on Android including Android Wear.

Now that the recommendations feature has been added to Android Wear it will notify users on their wrist as soon as a friend sends an alert. This uses Android push notifications, presuming you have them turned on, to alert you on you device.

Friends will be able to find you, via your Facebook friends list, to send show and movie recommendations. On your Android Wear device a notification will appear with that friend's name. Once that notification is swiped into you're met with the show or film they've recommended, complete with screen-filling picture.

From here you have several options: Info, Play, Thank and Open on phone. In reality all these options require the phone to carry out the action except Thanks which does it immediately. Yes the Play button won't display the show on the watch sadly but will open it ready to go on your Android phone.

The features are available now by downloading the app onto your phone – it will automatically work with Android Wear as long as you have push notifications turned on.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.