Interesting advert campaigns are, well, interesting. And Netflix's latest promotion certainly fits that bill(board).

To advertise Netflix's launch in France, renowned advert agency Ogilvy Paris installed digital billboards around the country. The billboards flash different GIFs pulled from shows and films in Netflix's library. The agency also posted a video to essentially brag about the campaign.

The campaign is unique not only because the billboards are using GIFs - an internet fave - but also because they're responsive. That's right. The billboards, which are running through Christmas, can respond to things like weather, local events, and even emotions.

If it is raining outside, for instance, the billboards might flash a GIF of King Leonidas (from the film 300) hiding from the rain under his shield, and if it is the weekend and you're feeling mighty relaxed, you might see a billboard of some actor smiling and looking content.

Check out the video above to see other examples and situations such as a sporting victory. It all seems pretty clever, if you ask us.

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