You can now switch on Netflix and start streaming the popular series Breaking Bad in ultra HD 4K, as previously promised.

Netflix confirmed last month that not only would it stream Breaking Bad in 4K but that it would start doing so in June. The series, owned by Sony, has been licensed to Netflix for airing, and a remastering of the series is now complete.

Netflix is offering it in full 4K resolution with 5.1 surround sound. According to journalist Joris Evers, Breaking Bad streams in ultra HD 4K are playable everywhere Netflix is available. That means Brits can start watching today.

Breaking Bad is a much-anticipated addition to Netflix's 4K lineup, especially because the streaming service currently offers a limited pool of 4K content. The list is growing however.

Another notable series available in ultra HD 4K is House of Cards (season two), for instance, and Netflix has said it would begin shooting and airing all original programmes in full 4K resolution going forward.

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Netflix 4K content is available to users at no extra charge, but it can only be viewed through 4K television sets new enough to decode HEVC codec.