Netflix has added the Post-Play feature to its Android app, making it even easier to binge on your favourite TV shows.

The Post-Play feature lets you roll straight into the next episode of a TV series, so you don't have to hit play; you can just sit there and it will start playing after a brief countdown.

The feature has been available on devices like the PlayStation and Xbox for some time and, via and update to the app, is now active on Android devices too.

On tablet it will also let you roll from one movie into another. You'll get three suggestions at the end of your film and if you just sit there, it will start playing. Those who like to dump their kids in front of Netflix might like that it's now neverending…

Netflix has also confirmed that it is working on Post-play for Chromecast too. That's going to be really useful, because you won't even have to pick up your phone to set the next episode playing on your TV. 

There's no confirmed date for that addition, with Netflix just saying it is coming in the next few months.

Binge viewing TV is the new going out, so we're going to settle down and cruise through the entirety of the new season of Orange is the New Black.