Under pressure from YouTube and the prospective Yahoo video platform on one side and Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video on the other, Vimeo has responded by following some of its rivals in investing in original television content.

High Maintenance is its first original programming project. The web series from husband and wife team Katja Blichfield and Ben Sinclair (both from 30 Rock) will have six new episodes financed by Vimeo for a new series to exclusively launch on the video service at vimeo.com/ondemand.

Its first 13-episode series debuted on Vimeo in 2013, but the comedic tale of a cannabis dealer was originally independently funded. The Vimeo deal allows the creative team more freedom.

"We're elated to be working directly with Vimeo to make our series with the creative control a television network would never afford us. Vimeo is a platform that truly celebrates filmmaking," said Blichfield and Sinclair.

The original 13 episodes of High Maintenance are available to view for free on Vimeo now at vimeo.com/channels/highmaintenance.

The date for the new series to start on the platform is yet to be revealed.