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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has confirmed that not only will it be streaming Breaking Bad in 4K but that it will be doing so from this June.

The series, owned by Sony, has been licensed to Netflix for airing already. Now a remastering of the series is almost complete Netflix will be offering it in full 4K resolution with 5.1 surround sound.

The announcement comes after Netflix began airing House of Cards series 2 in 4K recently. Netflix has also said that it will be shooting and airing all its Originals in 4K from now on.

Netflix is also testing new offerings like Orange is The New Black extras, including interviews with the cast in a feature called Behind the Bars. When an interview ends where a cast member is talking about their favourite scene, for example, users will be offered to watch that scene directly or go on to the next cast member's piece. Netflix wasn't clear on whether everyone will get this or if it's part of its testers, which it sends to 50,000 users before either binning it or adding it for all users.

Netflix 4K has been added at no extra charge and can be viewed by anyone with a 4K TV new enough to decode the HEVC codec that Netflix streams its shows with.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.