Netflix could soon be available in France, albeit not officially. Strict regulations in France state that video broadcasters in the country must re-invest approximately quarter of their revenues in French and European productions, so the movie streaming company plans to serve French customers from Luxembourg instead.

France's Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti admits that Netflix can operate this way legally, and the government will not attempt to constrain its operations. However, is fighting, with other European Union nations, to have the law changed. They look to have regulation applied in the country of destination rather than origination.

Netflix plans to launch in France in autumn, but might find resistance from other sectors in the country, including the film industry which is lobbying for foreign streaming companies to pay the same fees as local broadcasters.

It hasn't announced any of the shows or movies it plans to feature on the French version of Netflix, but it is likely much of the content will be originated in the US (like with other local variants). Château de Cartes? Orange est le Nouveau Noir? Briser les Mauvaises? Développement Arrêté? Lillyhammer? Oh...