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(Pocket-lint) - DreamWorks Animation and Netflix have joined together for three new animated original series: King Julien, Puss in Boots, and Veggie Tales in the House, as Netflix works to carve a name for itself as the premiere internet television network.

Details are still mum as Netflix has only said the three series will hit the network "by the end of the year", but is offering a brief synopsis of what they'll be about.

King Julien, a character from the hit movie Madagascar, will be given his own show where he'll adventure around with other friends from the zoo. Puss in Boots "has nine lives worth of stories to be told". Veggie Tales in the House will have new recipes for faith-based values, as Bob and Larry "venture off the counter top."

"I'm pretty sure this is the first time the word 'beloved' has been applied to a cat, a lemur, vegetables and snails in the same sentence, but DreamWorks Animation has an incredible knack for creating characters that kids around the world adore," Cindy Holland, Netflix's VP of original content, said.

This isn't the first time Netflix has moved outside of its adult original series to appease kids. In late-2013, it launched Turbo Fast along with DreamWorks Animation. It follows Character Turbo and his crew as they go on new adventures, race, and take on challengers.

Netflix announced on Thursday an unspecified amount of new episodes of Turbo Fast's first season will become available on 4 April. It has 26 episodes planned, and only five episodes premiered early last year.

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Netflix has been on a role, revealing in October that it had 40 million users, 29.3 million of whom are in the US. This meant Netflix surpassed HBO's 28.7 million subscriber network - a notable accomplishment.

With such astounding growth, Netflix doesn't want to rely on big name networks for content, and wants to do some in house. That's why in 2011 it began to acquire and produce original content. The first of these plans came to fruition when it launched House of Cards and Orange is the New Black in 2013.

Writing by Jake Smith.