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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has confirmed, through an internal message, that it plans to offer a three tier payment structure in the future.

At the moment the online TV and movie streaming service offers two plans in the UK. The first, at £5.99, allows for full HD streaming with up to two streams at once. The second costs £8.99 and ups the streams to four at once - ideal for a family or student household.

Netflix trialled a £5.29 offering in the UK which offers only one stream and is limited to standard definition quality only. While Netflix denied it existed at the time, a fourth-quarter letter to shareholders appears to confirm what's coming.

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The document, from CFO David Wells, reads: "Last April we introduced a 4-concurrent stream $11.99 option to begin our evaluation of plan tiering. Since late last year, we have also been testing 1-stream and 3-stream variants, as well as SD/HD variations, at various price points. Eventually, we hope to be able to offer new members a selection of three simple options to fit everyone's taste."

A three tier system, we'd imagine, will offer a standard definition single stream option, an HD dual stream, and an HD quad stream - if the current system remains. And with the words: "generous grandfathering of their existing plans and prices," used by Wells we'd expect this to be the case.

So when can we expect this to arrive? Not for a while. Wells also said there is: "no rush to implement such new member plans and [we are] still researching the best way to proceed."

Writing by Luke Edwards.