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(Pocket-lint) - Netflix has been trialling a new, cheaper price plan for its service in the US, charging $6.99 to use the platform on just one device at a time. It has even been quoted as saying that the plan is being tested in the States alone. However, Pocket-lint can confirm that the less-costly version service is also available in the UK too, at £5.29 a month rather than £5.99.

There are currently two official plans in the UK. They each allow users to access the service from multiple devices - including games consoles, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets - with a limit on how many streams can be played simultaneously. At £5.99 a month, two streams can be played at once, pay £8.99 a month and that rises to four.

However, new users signing up in the last month - including Pocket-lint - have been offered a third option. For £5.29 a month, they can get access to the same Netflix selection as everybody else, with the vast array of ways to access it through multiple devices, but are limited to just one stream at once and the videos are presented in standard definition, rather than HD like the other price plans.

Tech Radar reports that a spokesman has revealed this option will not be available to all and is just a test rather than mass rollout for now. And it also writes that the same Netflix representative claimed it is just for the US. Strangely though, our findings are that some Brits are being offered the cheaper deal after all.

We were offered the option after our initial free trial period expired, maybe you'll be one of the chosen few too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.