In its bid to take over the world Netflix has made its way on to yet another box for your telly. This time it’s Virgin Media’s turn. But the big V is not content with just adding Netflix, it also wants to give it away free for six months.

People signing-up to Virgin’s Premiere or VIP Collection services will get a six-month Netflix subscription included. All other Tivo customers will get their first month free. Premiere is currently £40 for the first six months then £63 after that on an 18-month contract. VIP is £65 for the first six months then £115.49 for 18 months. Existing customers can also get the six-months free by signing up to either of these higher-tier contracts.

Since Netflix is watched streaming over the internet this is ideal for Virgin customers who can get up to 120MB broadband, meaning Full HD with 5.1 surround streamed seamlessly. After the initial free time Netflix will cost £6 a month.

So if you’re a Virgin Media user and already have Netflix this will offer you a new way to watch. It will most likely be a straight forward option and, if nothing else,  will give your console a well-deserved rest.