Netflix has announced that all Netflix members will now have access to "Super HD" video streams.

The video-streaming company first launched Super HD in January through directly connected/partner internet service providers, but it is now available to everyone.

Super HD allows any TV show or movie on Netflix to stream at a higher bit rate, which applies less compression to the 1080p image. It is therefore considered better than the standard 1080p, and you'll be able to have access to it on any device that supports Netflix and HD content.

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"Based on the performance data we’ve seen, and in response to member requests, we are now expanding availability to give all our members the ability to enjoy Netflix in the best possible quality," explained Netflix in a company blog post.

Super HD is compatible with the Apple TV that released in March 2012 with the A5 processor. All Super HD content will feature a Super HD banner in the Netflix app on Apple TV.