Never before had an online TV series been awarded such an accolade until House of Cards won Netflix an Emmy last night for drama directing.

House of Cards director David Fincher won the award for the series, which has already been nominated for 14 primetime Emmy awards this year - which is a first in itself. But this is the first time any online-only platforms has won a marquee Emmy that is accepted in front of the national broadcast audience.

Netflix also won a Creative Arts Emmy for casting and another for cinematography - but they were at a separate ceremony.

Netflix has more than 30 million streaming subscribers and has committed $100 million to the House of Cards series. Should HBO be afraid? Netflix has certainly proved it can offer serious competition.

But with Netflix owing $5.6 billion over the next few years on content deals the move to original content makes a lot of sense. Orange is the New Black is another Netflix original series that is doing very well. Arrested Development, on the other hand, was met with average reviews.