Copper, first aired on BBC America to the US, is the channel's highest-rated premiere. And now Amazon's Lovefilm has secured it for release to UK audiences this Friday, 13 September.

The gritty crime drama is set in 1860s New York and follows a police detective investigating the murder of his daughter while his wife is missing. The show was created by multi Emmy Award winner Tom Fontana and Academy Award nominee Will Rokos and stars Tom Weston-Jones of Spooks fame and Kyle Schmid from Being Human and Smallville.

record breaking us tv show copper airs on lovefilm friday 13 september image 13

The last big show brought over from the US by Lovefilm was Vikings - which was ace – so we're excited about this latest purchase. And with rival Netflix securing the rights to Breaking Bad in the UK this is a powerful play to keep Lovefilm just as appealing.

Lovefilm Instant is available on PC, Mac or via Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire, Apple iPad and a growing number of Internet-connected TV sets and Blu-ray players. Prices start from £5.99 a month.