Praise the streaming Gods! Netflix is finally updating the UK with a watchlist, unimaginatively dubbed My List, available from this week.

This means that when you hear about a new film or TV show you won't have to add it to your notes on your phone to dig out later - it can go straight on your Netflix account. When you get a chance to watch it, you need only click one button to enter sweet escapism instantly.

From within the mobile app you simply need to select the name of what you want and it will be added to your personal My List. This feature will then create a new row populated with your selections.

It will also help Netflix to make more accurate suggestions to you in future. For example, if a show you like is about to end, or a new series of a programme you watch has arrived, Netflix will alert you.

Online, accessed from a computer, the My List selection will expand into a Gallery View so you can see your entire list and flick through easily.

This comes on the back of profile integration, that lets multiple users watch from the same subscription, which means Netflix can make personalised recommendations to everyone in a household. It's nice to feel so looked after for the meagre £6 monthly subscription fee.

The rollout begins today and will take several weeks to reach all platforms and users, so sit tight.