Google's Hugo Barra is live on stage in California, where he has just unveiled the second-generation Nexus 7 alongside Android 4.3 and a new set of DRM APIs that enable hardware-based encryption for video.

Premium video content on tablets today is often in standard definition because of content protection limitations that exist on HD content, but Google has now addressed this issue via its new DRM and even collaborated with Netflix.

Barra revealed that Google has worked with Netflix very closely on a new version of the Netflix for Android app that uses Android 4.3 and supports streaming in 1080p HD quality. With the new DRM APIs, Netflix can play/stream 1080p video on any device running Android 4.3.

"We're really thrilled to announce today that one of the first Android partners to take advantage of this new capability is Netflix," said Barra, vice-president of Android product management at Google. "Nexus 7 is the first tablet to support it and give you Netflix 1080p content streaming - and many more devices are coming soon."

The updated Netflix app has been available in the Google Play Store since Monday.